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Best Colombian Preserved Flowers

Our passion for flowers has about 40 years of experience, growing flowers from Colombia. We produce beautiful and high quality preserved flowers to the world. We export to all continents through our logistics partners, and we work reliable programs for Importers, wholesalers, mass market and florist stores around the globe.





Growing flowers and harvest

Cutting Process Flowers are grown under green houses with the utmost care until they are ready to be harvested. Our flowers are free of pests and diseases.

Phytosanitary cares




Selection and quality control

Carefully Selected Flowers arrives to our preservation plant production and begin a special process of selection and Hydratation. from now and on, all our chemical components and raw materials used in the process are 100% natural and food grade.




Preserving process

Flowers are sent to the preservation area, where starts the extraction of the water of each flower using chemical and manual techniques, to be replenished with 100% natural components and also give any color that you want to the flowers using food grade colorants.




After preserving process, flowers are carefully selected, and hand made packed to be storaged and finally sent to the customer.



Storage and Logistics

Flowers are storaged and shipped to the airport according our cutomers delivery schedulles.

Care Instructions