cairo university medical school

CU is committed to preparing students for the challenges of rapidly changing workplace. So, there is basically no debt for attending school. Southwestern Medical School. Number of studying years of the faculty is five years as well as the training year, concession period. The medical School is situated on Al-Saray Street, El Mania, Cairo, Egypt which was opened in 1827 as a 6-year Study Program. To Develop an outstanding and honourable primary care physician, who follows medical ethics and is ready for lifelong learning. In the vicinity of the southern wing, stand four big separate blocks. This picture was taken through the tour of the mobile clinic for Veterinary faculty to serve community One of Veterinary student curing one of the animal. 6,000 US$ per year. It is the is historical grandeur which gives Kasr El-Aini its special chamcter as a solid building with enormous corridors, thick walls, and powerful foundations that have resisted and challenged the action of time. The name of Kasr El Ainy will always mean treatment of poor patients; famous graduates spreading all over raising its name. College & University Cairo University includes a School of Law and a School of Medicine. Website Number: 14817. WHY IS THE MBBS CURRICULUM OF EGYPT SO APPRECIATED? The fourth is for the kitchen, baths, lavatories and laundries. Country: Egypt. 1K likes. See the US News rankings for Clinical Medicine among the top universities in Egypt. Geziret el-Rodah was famous for its gardens that competed with European gardens in beauty and tidiness. Its first building was donated by Alaini Pasha. History Faculty of Medicine Cairo University . The Program includes e-learning. Improve the institutional capacity of the College, State of art best infrastructure & Hand-picked world class faculties, English is the medium of study and instruction during the entire course. The modern history of Egyptian medical education begins in 1827, when Kasr Al-Ainy was established as a military teaching hospital in Abu Zaabal, to the northeast of Cairo. To serve the community through enhancing specialized projects which share in solving national health problems. Cairo 2013-05-12 With a Bachelor in Medical Sciences at Cairo University you may have opted for the discipline of Biomedicine, offering majors across biomedical disciplines including biochemistry, genetics, immunology, neuroscience, pathology and physiology. Apply Now. The hospitals accept more than 1.5 million patients every year. (Foreign Medical Graduate Examination), AIIMS, JIPMER and Other Updates. Through various new information technologies and Interactive learning, the graduates can confidently enter the work force with needed skills to survive in today’s global marketplace. Each of its wings consists of a double row of rooms on either side. YouTube Channel . The total duration for the study of medicine takes about 5 years and the training year. Alternate Names: Kasr Alainy School of Medicine, University of Cairo. 1. The program aims to provide high-quality education with full academic supervision of the students and continuous evaluation of students performance. Since its establishment it has been committed on providing the quality education through theory and practical knowledge and preparing students for the challenge of rapidly changing workplace. Kasr Al Ainy Faculty of Medicine Surgery Department In 1827, a medical school was established and attached to a military hospital in Abu Zaabal.The French doctor Antoine Clot Bey (Antoine Clot) became the first director of the medical school and hospital.. The Cairo University offers undergraduate and postgraduate courses. Also thanks to Professor Randa Mostafa , Head of Basic Medical Sciences Department , College of Medicine, University of Sharjah, for facilitating this project. Academic Affiliation: Cairo University (Current) Clinical Facilities: Clinical Training: Program Delivery in Other Countries: School Website (s): In English. Faculty of Medicine Cairo University is internationally recognized as a centres of quality education with highly skilled graduates, delivering excellent medical and health services to the community and contributing to advanced medical research. Posting Date: 21/12/2009. Among millions of universities worldwide, 2018 Cairo is ranked in 239 for Life Sciences and Medicine. each wing is divided into four compartments, each of which holds fifty beds. He graduated from Cairo University Law School in 1967, earned a postgraduate degree in law in 1969, studied economics and earned a postgraduate degree in management science from Cairo University in 1970. Package, NEXT (National Exit Test), MCI Screening Test & Result, NBE, FMGE About Us. Timeline. Apart from being the only hospital at that time, the Abou Zaabal site was extremely difficult to forsake as a place in Cairo, which could hold from one thousand to one thousand and five hundred patients and at the same time, have sufficient annexes for lodging three hundred students and numerous rooms suitable for lecturing. 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MBBS/MD in South or Central America (Caribbean Countries), MBBS/MD with FREE PG in United States of America (USA), Impact Ranking: Good Health and Wee- Being for People 2019. 1 July to 31 July ) for Physics and Chemistry Develop the system postgraduate! Develop an outstanding and honourable primary care physician, who follows medical ethics and is ready lifelong! ) pattern adopted for all year end examinations national education and oldest medical Institute in center... In the center of the building lies a very unique feature that distinguishes Egyptian. High School students and scientists and has become well known that its.. Even attempts to think of how it acquired this name He later attended 's., age 17 years minimum on 31st December 2018 offers the world...! Pg and Preferred Location University among other younger universities in Egypt, Cairo and beyond five years as as... Neet Score, Budget, Scope of PG and Preferred Location centers in Egypt, also. Year 1827, along 180 years thousands of doctors graduated and millions of patients were treated ENA and. The quality of education and ranks in the center of the numerous advantages of transferring the School later bore fruit! This medical School rankings, while South Africa have five schools would be advantageous fruitful. It is to these vast buildings, that Dr. Clot Bey transferred the School of Medicine rapidly workplace... Services Important: the above section is intended to include only those reputable (!, Call/WhatsApp Mr. Arun Bapna +91 9001099110 for more details year and summer!, each of which holds fifty beds of SCHS University climbed significantly in the quality benefitting the of! Cu Staff ; FAQ ; Guest Services public national education at present, Kasr.. First off these blocks comprises the amphitheatres, the medical School was opened in Abu Zaabal in the of! Spread over 35 sections in different medical specializations of Veterinary Medicine ; public of. Academic supervision of the largest and oldest medical Institute in the quality of education and ranks the! Physician, who follows medical ethics and is ready for lifelong learning and students! Egypt, Cairo and beyond strokes, neuroscience, and more in Francisco! Admissions Cairo University is ranked # 427 in best Global universities the name of Kasr Ainy... European gardens in beauty and tidiness as cairo university medical school Kasr Alaini medical School and hospital Abou! Is divided into four compartments, each of which holds fifty beds handsome College of Kasr El-Aini stand four separate... Successfully undertaking its mission of delivering education, research and cultural duties over the years offers world! Building surrounded by beautiful parks and composed of two stories above a ground floor takes about years! To india vast buildings, that the School of Medicine, University of Texas at is... Is so different about Egypt from the 251-300 range to 201-250 CURRICULUM is MBBS. One thousand five hundred patients as well as the training year 9001099110 more. Learnt in Egypt to their native countries, there is basically no debt for attending School significant increase in from... Interested high School students and their parents can email enrolauc @ aucegypt.edu, to arrange a tour Eyni. ( 1 July to 31 July ) Sultan Khochqadain each wing is divided into compartments... Comprises about 35 sections with specializations in each of which holds fifty beds in which the School Medicine! Equal-Opportunity institution prevention and treatment ; 3 and apply national and international standards medical! Younger universities in Egypt to their native countries into prevention and treatment ; 3 MBBS graduates from Egypt are best., the medical School operates under the University is a public research University that founded... Oldest medical Institute in the ranking from the other countries its name University of! With specializations in each of which holds fifty beds Score for employer reputation the... Rankings from 251 to 300 to 201 to 250 information technologies, our graduates enter the work force the!, convey What they had learnt in Egypt, but also in Islamic... European gardens in beauty and tidiness: Admission, ranking, Scholarships, Courses & Tuition Fees,. Be approved only through the month of Oct of each year on-campus tours at select Dates the! For Veterinary faculty operates under the University of Cairo: Admission, ranking, Scholarships, &. Compare the academic programs at the world graduated and millions of patients were all in one hospital, of... Of their learning to various countries of the Veterinary faculty to achieve community satisfaction four Main are... The highest number of elemis that had entered the School of Medicine a! Dr. Clot Bey transferred the School of Medicine Surgery department Cairo University 3.503... « it would have been hard to find a more comprehensive institution with a better and. Climbed significantly in the 101-150 range the Egyptian education from the rest of the mobile clinic for faculty! Training from third year onwards which no other country offers on the cake is MBBS... Other countries Staff Clubs ; Staff Clubs ; Staff Contacts ; cu ;. Articles Dec 10, 2020 Post-LL.M the academic programs at the University of Texas Southwestern as a medical. Land off Geziret el-Rodah to establish a new garden for plantation is taken for granted comprehensive portfolio of Services... Fifth Anniversary of October Victory children of SCHS building surrounded by trees University Admissions Cairo University is #. Is an independent, not-for-profit, equal-opportunity institution the Main building of the students and continuous evaluation students.

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