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Before the program, my eyes were not focusing together and now they are! This was never promised or really even discussed when we started out, but I also generally feel that I can just "see" so much better overall. I am able to drive, even when it's snowing now without the onset of symptoms. At our medi spa in Vernon, we pride ourselves on the quality of our customer service and results, our commitment to education, and our competitive prices.We employ highly-trained, experienced medical aestheticians and technicians who have one goal: to make your … View All Services. Thank you so much, “Riley's reading and writing skills have improved. Kind, generous, patient, knowledgeable and always there for us. Phone: 306-241-0929. Business License: 83258. Rahana Harjee, a second-year UBC medical student, clasps the micro-needle driver in one hand, while carefully suturing a laceration in a porcine cornea. FYidoctors is Canada's largest eye care provider. She began her career at Summerland Optometry in 2010 and quickly fell into the role of dispensing and lab work. I will sincerely miss my sessions and all of you. But on … Don't allow distance to come between you and your vision! I find his clarity for what he is reading has really improved as well. She describes her vision as blurry and like seeing through a tunnel. As a mother my heart soared when I saw my son with straight eyes for the first time in 7 years. We've noticed that he gets far less headaches and is able to focus much better in class and while he is doing homework. Learn More About Our Eye Care Clinic. At Orchard Park Optometry we aim to offer the best eye care and customer services. I’m noticing less blurriness and it is easier making adjustments when looking far away. He went from struggling to read to wanting to read all the time! Menu & Reservations Make Reservations . ... Lighthouse Health is a premiere health care facility in Kelowna BC. He can now see in 3D and can bring blurry vision easily into clear vision. I have also seen improvement while playing hockey, he seems to have much better control of the puck and is able to go after the puck more often with more success. Since staring therapy my son has been able to better sustain and perceive patterns and words. Thank you for everything. Whether the visual issue is developmental in nature (strabismus and amblyopia), academic (vision-related learning difficulties), acquired (brain injury or concussion) or sports-related (sports vision training), we are fully equipped to properly assess, advise and treat when indicated. My face and eyes finally feel relaxed! Add to cart. A 52-year-old student at Okanagan College who is legally blind is celebrating after graduating as a health care assistant. OKANAGAN EYE CARE. Thank you for everything! Scar under his left eye, tattoo of a “grim reaper” on his right arm. I'm very grateful for the knowledge and encouragement I have received. I feel like I have much more control of my eyes and if I lose focus can just blink and it comes back. He brings us happiness all year and that’s hard to beat. We keep our office up-to-date with the latest high-tech diagnostics and advanced optometric equipment. I feel that I can take more stress on my eyes – with less jumping and blurring – especially when rested on good days. My vision has improved significantly. Wednesday: 10am – 6pm So far, I am very pleased with this therapy. Okanagan Vision Therapy is the region's first and only dedicated centre for Optometric Vision Therapy & Rehabilitation. Miika has had fantastic improvement throughout the time spent with OVT. Veterinarian. Teachers have sent emails commenting on Corbin's improvement this year! I've been in the care of ophthalmologists since I was 3 years old and am now 84. I always thought I was just naturally clumsy! Aiden is now able to read comfortably for the first time! I've very satisfied and happy with my help and rehab. The changes in my vision not only have improved my ability to work, but my entire life in general. Some of the more common conditions within this age group are blur or difficulty focusing at near, dry eyes, and digital eye strain, or Computer Vision Syndrome. It was really great and I'm so happy with my improvement! No changes to your program needed, this was fantastic. I am no longer seeing double, even when I remove my glasses.

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