hyundai sunroof won't close

Fogs are not working anymore. Where is the fog light relay? Sunroof won't close even the manual wont work - Answered by a verified Hyundai Mechanic We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. Then, release the button. Repair procedures / Resetting The Sunroof Whenever the vehicle battery is disconnected or discharged, or you use the emergency handle to operate the sunroof, you have to reset your sunroof system as follows : Now it won't close. After about 3-4 cycles the sunroof now struggles to close. 6) Since I just now discovered this issue, I have no idea how often it will have to be re-lubricated. 5) Open sunroof fully. Whenever the vehicle battery is disconnected or discharged, you have to reset your sunroof system as follows: 1. 3. The sunroof is made to slide together with the sunshade. We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. to reset the sunroof, you need to first reset your windows, make sure you have them go all the way up and all the way down then open your sunroof all the way up even if a little at a time then all the way closed---after reseting it like that it should work out and close/open for you-----if it is stuck than it needs no reseting and an expensive trip to the stealership Fifth generation (MD/UD; 2010–2015) / Hyundai Elantra MD 2010-2015 Service manual / Body Electrical System / Sun Roof / Sunroof Motor. Then re calibrate the sunroof motor. Then, release the control lever. Something came loose in my 2007 Hyundai Veracruz Sunroof. Lights and fuse are ok. It opens smoothly, but can take 2-3x the time to close and you can jear the motor struggling / skipping ( clicking noises ). Anyway, hold the close button. TILT DOWN → SLIDE OPEN → SLIDE CLOSE. Sunroof on our Hyundai Azera is stuck in the tilt position, and when you try to open the sunroof, there is a clicking - Answered by a verified Hyundai Mechanic. Press the TILT UP button for more than 1 second to tilt up the sunroof completely when the sunroof is fully closed. It may not close on the first attempt, but should on the second with no fanfare or groaning. Keep holding until the roof closes all the way. For more detailed information, contact an authorized HYUNDAI dealer. When this is complete, the sunroof system is reset. Turn the ignition key to the "ON" position. Hyundai Cars & Trucks; Open Questions: 0 Answers GLS. If your sunroof suddenly becomes stuck open, and it's rainy or cold outside, you've got a major problem. If successful, open and close the sunroof several times to get the lube worked in. it should. A sunroof is an excellent way to get additional sun or air into your vehicle. There are several different versions of sunroofs; most open and close automatically with the touch of a button. Is there a YouTube video available to show how to fix my sunroof? How to open the fuel door on Hyundai Tucson; How to reset/resync the sunroof/moonroof on Toyota Camry; Trunk doesn't open - how to open it from the inside; Car door won't close - causes and fix; How to open door of Hyundai Ioniq with dead 12V battery (Hybrid) How to open the rear trunk on Hyundai Sonata ... My sunroof won't close … After a few seconds pop up to the vent position, let it go briefly, and then get back on that button. By continuing to use this site you consent to the use of cookies on your device as described in our cookie policy unless you have disabled them. Attempt to close the sunroof. It is kind of hard, if you do not know what is supposed to happen, there are instructions In the owners manual. CAUTION. 2. I actually had to help it close the last time as it kept attempting to close then backing out to "full open". Do not leave the sunshade closed while the sunroof is open.

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